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sign out
or do without

the internet
is the wave of the future
but you may not surf...
preferring tomes--
books that used to be a luxury--
costing the same as a family farm until
Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg's "Mazarin Bible"--
a wave of the future now passé
but "what the hay?"

though movable type
has been replaced by
paper and ink are still in demand
not having heard the command
to go away

we still need them
to back us up
when the computer crashes
or has non-functioning caches

sign in
sign out
or do without

but as for me
i like my time
in my cybertree
in which i can express myself
without a printing press

i'm just out there in the ether
floating by clouds
to some hacker or slacker
on the other side
of this planet
made of granite
and other things

my insanity is global
and lost in a sea of ones and zeroes

everyone and no one
will notice me
until i flee
to technological extinction
and am scratching my thoughts
into cave walls again


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