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Dear Earthlings,


My mood is rather miffed at the moment. I've just decided to put a viewer and parental advisory on my front page again, for the morons who click on and then are offended by the nudity within. Duh? Why do you think I picked "" as my domain name? I picked it so I could avoid this whole politically correct disclaimer nonsense that's spreading across North America like a plague. Just about every show on TV has a disclaimer at the beginning, and at the end of every commercial break.

Warning: This show may contain graphic pictures of senior citizens eating lunch, Christians expressing their misguided views, and people who think that CNN is not "the most trusted name in news." Viewer, parental, and legal guardian discretion is strongly advised.

What ever happened to honesty? I'm a Christian, but I get the most flack from other Christians, telling me how I should think, and how what I believe on certain issues could not possibly be right. Even fellow nudists get on my case because my nudist views don't quite mesh with theirs. Our first words said in heaven will be, "We've never done it that way before." And I'm just as guilty. A lot of the rants in my poetry are rants against myself, even if I do not use first person pronouns.

And I'm so sick of the current favourite "sin unto death," the sin of offending anyone. For God's sake, and I mean that literally, for God's sake, Jesus was God, and he made a "practice" of offending people. The question is, when did he NOT offend someone? We are liars, and the Son of God is the truth, so of course he'll offend us. But our offense would be the sin, not his offending. Get a grip, and get a thicker skin. We're all a bunch of coddled wimps.

If I ever get married, I doubt very much that my wife will ever ask me every man's most dreaded question, "Darling, what are you thinking?" With me it's rather obvious.

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Moronically yours,


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