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Dear Earthlings,

Today's poem is hot off my mental presses (a.k.a. fresh, not frozen).

I am also announcing that I am actually going to do a project I've wanted to do for years. I once fell in love with a dancer; unfortunately, she didn't fall in love with me, but she still inspired a vast array of poetry. I am giving her the fictitious name "ABRAXIA" because I love the name and it fits her. I've just always thought it would be cool to do a collection of poems all inspired by the same person, just to show what incredible power one person can bestow into another person's life. We are each infinitely special, because we are made in our Infinite Creator's own image.

I think I'll call the book,
or perhaps

She's a real person. Being my girlfriend is the imaginary part ;-)

I am announcing April 1, 2007 as the release date for the booklet and will let you know how to order a copy. I picked April Fool's Day, because it's not too far away, and I only take action under pressure. Also, April Fool's Day is a handy excuse if I'm late. Stay tuned, and let me know if you want to order a copy. A little extra incentive for the artist always helps. Thanks. I'll probably set the booklet's price at $10 (Canadian), but non-Canadians may order too ;-)

Here's today's brand new poem. Enjoy.

Copyright © JTK.CA

Will you accept my faults and foibles,
And will I give them up for you?
Two key questions to ask
When choosing a relationship.

My fantasies are one-sided,
But you are real,
And not merely put on earth to make me happy.
So what do I want?
I'm writing this poem,
So even I'm not sure.
You probably have a better grasp on it than me.

Clue me in,
If you get the inclination.
Then ask yourself,
"Will you accept my faults and foibles?"
And I'll ask myself,
"Will I give them up for you?"

TRUE LOVE will answer, "Yes,"
To both questions.
Anything else is JUST AN ILLUSION.


Note: I was once pining after a girl, and a friend
asked me, "What do you want?" I answered, "I don't
know." Remembering his reaction, "That's profound,"
always causes me to chuckle. Life's romantic
quandaries are profound, sad, happy, beautiful, and
miserable, at the same time. Unrequited love
can be a "Sweet Misery," like the title of the
Michelle Branch song. I'll comment on "requited"
love once I've experienced it. When those fun
internet surveys ask me which I prefer, hugs or kisses,
I always answer,
"Hugs; not enough experience with kisses.
Insert violin music here."

It's amazing how much we desire
While not truly knowing what we desire.
Often, the desire can be
A sinful contempt for all the riches we already possess.
We want something because we don't have it;
Then once we get it, we store it on a shelf,
Where it lies forgotten for years.

Love in Christ
(the best kind),


Creative Adventurer

Artist, Poet, and Photographer
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
(519) 780-1057

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