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I was just scrolling through my electronic archive of my poetry, trying to pick which of my poems to add this morning. The birds are chirping up a storm in these early hours, as they have been doing for the past few days, so I decided to pick "FOREVER NOW," my love poem which includes them. It's so wonderful to have spring on its way back, heralded by its avian troubadours.


You swim through the ocean of my heart,
And I wonder where my lips should start--
An ode to your beauty or song of desire?
Nothing but you can inspire
This poemless poet to find the words
That come so naturally to the birds,
Who every morning sing your name
And teach me how to do the same.

So come with me
And we shall sing
And learn of joy
Forever now,
And open wings of love.

I ask you now, my precious one,
Teach me how to fly.

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