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I love you just as much
As I always have,
But I've worshipped you too long.

Every time I sing your song
I'm closer and closer to being wrong.
Another day is gone,
A day with only you
And no one else.

Tomorrow calls to me,
"Do not look back upon today.
Other friends are waiting.
Though your long-found friend
Will still be there,
Other friends are waiting,
New ones
And the ones you've left behind."


Tad's Note:
My former idol in this letter is something you would never guess unless I told you. It is not even a person. It is the CN Tower ( Since the world's tallest building was built in Toronto in the mid-1970's, I have been obsessed with and amazed by the overwhelming height and beauty of the CN Tower. I've been up the tower at least 9 times. In the early 1990's, I worked in downtown Toronto, and I never got tired of seeing the CN Tower as it graced my skyline. As you can see, I'm infatuated by a building, and one day, the CN Tower and I sat down and had a heart to heart. I told it I needed to see other buildings. But the tower said that was okay, because it has been seeing other people for along fact, about 2 million people every year have enjoyed the views from its observation decks. Fall in love with the tower yourself, at

Yes, I'm insane. Just go with it.

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