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Between the lines
In British poet Brian Patten's
My favourite poem
By my favourite poet,
In his amazing book "Storm damage."

Between the tracks,
What Bob & Doug MacKenzie call
A "black hole" between the songs on vinyl records.

Or else, there are songs like colliding galaxies
In which one ends inside its neighbour's beginning,
Quite common in CD tracks by
Alan Parsons,
Who rarely sings
But puts his name on all his productions,
My favourite musician and
A genius
Beyond words
Or notes,
A musical creator
With ghost singers
Selling his name.

His voice is amazing
In "We Play the Game,"
On his album "A Valid Path."
It only took 28 years
For Alan to sing lead vocals,
On one of his own albums,
Without the vocoder's electronic distortions.
Keep singing, Alan;
You don't need stand-ins.
Your voice is music to my ears;
I know that line is corny,
But I used to live in Indiana.

The commercials
Between the scenes
In my favourite show
"Crossing Jordan."

And I don't mean the river,
I mean Jordan Cavanaugh,
a.k.a. actress Jill Hennessy,
who also played an A.D.A. on "Law & Order."
Jill is Superbabe on my Desert Island List.

Watch "Robocop 3."
She's in it too.
Yes, she's the one.

Read between the lines of
Desperation and delusions
And disappointment
To discover she's married.

I'm still single
At 37,
But it beats being trapped
In any relationship
Built on delusions.

Signing off
Of this central ramble
Between the lines
Between the tracks
Between the dreams
In sidewalk cracks.

Rescue me from this
Incessant babble
In this sinking ship
Without a paddle...


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