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Fear does strange things.
It makes me run away from things I'm not scared of.
It makes me hope success is a long way off.
It makes me sabotage my greatest ambitions.

Fear often disguises itself as caution or prudence.
It sings to you when you want silence.
It turns you away from speaking, when you've found your voice.
Fear is an attacker, not a choice.
Yet we choose it so often, and welcome it in.
Fear builds its home beneath our skin.

Fear calls itself wisdom,
Because fear is a liar.
He gains his hold, whenever we tire
Of following God and his plan for our lives.
Fear led Solomon to 700 wives
And 300 more women on the side.
The wisest man learned wisdom from his own foolishness
And his fear
That one wife wasn't enough.
He needed more. God granted his wish,
Though it lead him astray,
As the fear of loneliness will do.

I often want to find a woman's love,
Thinking it can substitute for God's.
But his love for me is greater than any pleasure,
For he made me in his image, and made you in his image.
So stop fighting his love with fear.

Love is the answer,
And God is love.
Christ reigns above
After going down to the depths
To reach our fearful hearts.
Jesus' sacrifice is where it all starts.

Without him,
Fear is your only hope,
And a life like that is hopeless.


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