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lost in thought
i find my way to you

but you're in another universe
lost in your own worlds
spinning around the
stars in your eyes


Emily said...

This was the poem I was referring to, since you emailed it to me the other day. It's really beautiful, and on first reading, thought it might have been written for me...

Just wondering.

And yes, still at the same addy! said...

I don't remember if it was written about anyone in particular, but I was thinking about you when I wrote it because it sort of mirrors the "THESE FEELINGS..." poem that you inspired many years ago, especially its lines, "You look at me with eyes full of stars, and I find a universe eluding me."

In this new poem, "LOST IN THOUGHT," I like the spatial paradox that you're "lost in your own worlds" even though those same worlds are "spinning around the stars in your eyes." It's sort of like mixing the saying "The world revolves around you" with "You revolve around the world." I suppose that actually happens for an astronaut when the media is covering her spacewalk.