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In the quest for getting more,
I've discovered
Is what I need.

Ironically enriching is the process
Of culling down my overabundance
Into something more sustainable
And less overwhelming.

Having too much
Becomes a form of slavery--
Slavery to more than I can handle--
And a convenient excuse for lethargy.

God has given me so much to share
With the world,
But the more I hold onto it,
The more I wonder what it all means.
The more I hold on,
The more I let go of ambition,
Leaving me in a quagmire of mire and self-loathing.

But now I'm finding freedom.
Who would have thought that filling garbabe bags
Would be the cure to my emptiness?
Actually, I've "thought" it many times;
But now that I'm doing it,
I'm discovering its truth.

Also finding things that I can live without
And share with others--
This is the freedom I'm finding
In finding myself.

I'd been lost in the
Piles of debris surrounding me.
Now I'm moving towards a life of order.
And it's not because I've given myself the order
To find order.
Rather, it's because I've found the joy--
Yes the joy
Of finding more freedom with less.

Tad Creations
Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)

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