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"ALWAYS HERE (Inspired by the Rev. Dr. Henry Lunshof)" by JTK.CA

(Inspired by the Rev. Dr. Henry Lunshof)"

You're always here with me,
When I'm crawling,
When I'm climbing;
When my thoughts take form in words,
When I'm scrawling,
When I'm rhyming;
When my tears make rain insignificant,
When I'm bawling,
When I'm crying,
Seeing Your magnificence
Brighter than the fire of my defiance.

You're always here with me,
Longing to embrace
The one who often runs away
From the brilliance of Your holy face.

So You took on human flesh
And came to die for me
To take away my fear of death
And to spread Your Word and love through me.

I'm Your representative
And I'm amazed I've not been fired
For forgetting You rose up from death
To give me that same power.

You're always here with me,
When I'm ranting,
When I'm raving.
Through my triumphs and defeats,
Christ's grace is always saving.

Tad Creations
Copyright © Jonathan Tad Ketchen (JTK.CA)


Nancy McD said...

Awesome, thanks for the morning poetry reading!!!! :-)

JTK.CA@JTK.CA said...

You're welcome, Nancy. You need to start your own poetry blog now. Let me know when you do! I'll read with joy!