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Dear Earthlings,


I'm loving getting old. So many things in my life have fallen into place and are settled now. Why on earth would I want to struggle to attain these blessings all over again? I've got more stuff to achieve. Leave the previous struggles behind; learn from them, but leave them behind. School is one thing I am sooooooooo glad is over. It's such a relief to "have" my Bachelor of Arts instead of still being working towards it. I am getting old, because I received my B.A. eleven years ago, and graduated from high school twenty years ago. Amazing. I remember one day in grade 3, standing by the coat rack at school, and thinking, "This is never going to end." Now I can't believe its been over for so long. And I never get tired of a life without homework; good riddance to homework!

I will turn 40 on New Year's Eve, at 9:44 PM, Eastern Time. I am so looking forward to that! I think it will be a big relief--a sort of "There's no going back" moment. I'll completely and totally be out of my youth; and I'll finally be "over" the proverbial hill. I think, with the chronological odometer hitting 40, I'll also be completely comfortable in my skin, as if to say, "I'm over 40, and this is who I am, whether you like it or not. I'm not going to worry about what people think, or try to conform to some stereotype of who I should be. I am me. You may be you, but I am me." Of course, I've already got a lot of that in me; I just think the 40 mark will be a sort of official stamp on my individuality. I look forward to that symbolic moment!

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Tad's Note: Inspired by my brilliant and talented cyberfriend, Tristan Kelly

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