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This is probably my most popular poem. It has caused the most jaws to drop.


I can see the smile of apprehension
In your eyes,
Another disguise
To hide the miles of tension
On the highway of the soul.

The purple sea of infinity
Is drowning in our finite minds.
More masks
(Mutilations of forever)
Shorten the unshortenable;
Infinity minus 28 trillion
Still equals infinity,
But we adjust the mirrors of mathematics,
Forming optical illusions
Out of our delusions.

I can feel the smile of apprehension
In my eyes,
Another disguise
To hide the miles of tension
On the highway of the soul.
Creative Adventures by Tad

Tad's Note: One of my friends is a retired math teacher who was intrigued when I told him I write mathematical love poems. He was blown away by this one. "Holy Shit!" was his response. I said, "Thanks for the positive review, but I don't think I can quote you." Then again, I guess I just did quote him. The older I get, the more liberal I get. I think being Pro-Life is about the only conservatism I have left in me. Whoa, I've forgotten all of the trigonometry I learned in high school, except for the fact I'm going off on tangents.

Back to the poem, "HIGHWAY OF THE SOUL." It was inspired by a girl I met once at a College and Careers meeting at my church, in 1990 or '91. When I asked to exchange addresses, she looked at me with a "smile of apprehension," but shared her address anyway, and I gave her mine. We've never been in contact since. Pretty potent poem from a microscopically short relationship ;-)

Follow-up Note: Since I wrote Tad's Note (above), the girl and I have reconnected through the internet. She loves the poem and the story behind it.

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