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This poem is brand new. It's a really good brand. Now, let's see if you buy it ;-)

Believe it or not, this poem was sparked while opening two soda pop 12-packs and stocking the fridge with them. I guess my brain was rejuvenated by the sleep I just woke up from. Yes, I know it's now the early, wee hours of the morning, but as an artist, I don't sleep on a particular schedule. I let inspiration be my guide.

Always feel free to comment on my writings. I love input from my fans--positive or negative, it helps me grow as an artist. Thanks.


Remember in school
When you gave fate a kiss
And asked "When in the world
Will I ever use this?"

The truth is in traction
And pain's a distraction
Yet all you can do
Is continue your action

Remember in love
When you gave love a hug
And then it ran off
To hide under a rug

The lie is in fashion
Unless you're the victim
You'll keep on denying
The value of trying

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