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Fame, fame,
Go away.
Come again
Another day.

I've felt your hug,
I've loved your kiss,
But my identity
Has gone amiss.

No longer me,
Is all the world
Wants to see.

My ego's
Danced long enough
Around the pole of
Fame's seduction.

Instead of simple quiet days,
I'm viewing life through the haze
Of city streets and large marquees
With my name ablaze
In letters red
Though who I used to be is dead
Or lost among the ruins of freedom's tide
And ego's toll
Paid to get across the bridge of dreams.

Instead of my former simple days,
Fame's seduction
Has turned my life into a big production.

Critics make me cringe
As the truths of their barbs
Scrape my thin skin.
My own inner critic agrees,
But soon I'm up off my knees
Back in the saddle of pride
And the lure of the ride
To fame's holy fountain,
Where a valley's called a mountain.

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