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"PROPHECY (A Dream)"

My heart fell prey to the gutter of Hell,
Hoping no witnesses, if any would tell.

Attempting to wash myself without the blood of Christ,
I went in search of a washroom that couldn't be found.
Forgetting that Jesus has paid my price,
I went searching for cleansing where confusion abounds.

Soon lost, I became trapped in a tube
But refused to be found.

Down through the chute of an unplanned fate,
I shot down through the sky around half past eight.
Falling with speed through the p.m. sky--
Immediate, sudden transformation!--
I became a policeman of the future,
Falling through the a.m. sky.
Wait, wasn't it p.m.?
No, it was both.
Dreams lie on a different plane of reality.

After landing in the city,
I began my patrol of the streets.

I became a person of brutality
When I saw your stupidity.
Grabbing your idol when you turned your back,
I decided to show you reality.

You turned around to an enemy.
I'm the one who beat you bloody, black & blue,
Soon forgetting about reality,
But consumed with the thought of killing you.

Caught in the act of a murderous rage,
I turned in my bloodied officer's badge
As I awoke from a dream all too true,
A dream about me and you.

Taking on the form of an authority,
I, the unwashed fool,
Got back at you
For my own stupidity.

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