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"NEW YEAR'S EVE, 1967"

New Year's Eve, 1967, 8:44 p.m., Central Standard Time,
Something happened that I will never forget,
Something that I cannot remember.
I was born.

New Year's Eve, 1967,
Nine months since I had become human,
Since I became I,
Since out in the uterine cosmos,
God outstretched His invisible hand
And said,
"Let there be Jonathan Tad Ketchen,"
And there was Jonathan Tad Ketchen;
New Year's Eve, 1967,
The fruit of nine months of
Secluded growth, protected by God's guiding purpose,
Could finally be seen.
And as life from the darkness entered the light,
The cord to that chapter of my life was severed.
New challenges awaited,
Breathing on my own.

New Year's Eve, 1967,
Mom missed partying the night away;
The temperature outside hung at negative fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit;
Flin Flon, Manitoba's dot on the map was covered by snow;
And something I cannot remember
But will never forget happened.
I was born.

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