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It's not easy to let you go,
And I'm left behind,
Left behind.
I've just seen your final show.
It's time for you to find
The real world.

It's not easy to let you go.
I'm lost within,
Lost within.
I can't let these feelings show.
It's time for me to find
This same world without you.

It's not easy to leave behind
The ones you love,
The ones you love.
I know that I have left before,
And felt the good-byes
Of those I love.

It's not easy to let you go,
I have to say,
I have to say.
It's time to let these feelings show.
I wish you could stay
Here in my life.

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Tad's Note:
While attending Valparaiso University (, Valparaiso, Indiana, after seeing the senior art shows of my fellow graphic design students, Chad Reichert and Michelle Jessen, I was inspired to write this poem to them about how much I was going to miss them after they graduated.

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