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"who would be you if i were you/who would i be if you were me/who would be home if we were there/we would be there but which ones would we be/what is the question and where is the answer/who is the watcher and who is the dancer/why can't i have you/why can't you have me/why can't we create others/will this night ever become day/if we were home, the watcher and dancer would together discover the question and answer/but the watcher won't take the dancer's hand to find out apart they will stand in the dancer's future view of time/it hurts "too much" for him to see the truth/so he makes a question of every answer and builds a shrine to the dancer he loved but never respected like he should/for his choice to love her was just as good as her choice to be alone or with another/will the watcher ever discover and stop his self-deception of who he could be and find out what he should do with his mind instead of twisting it like a wet sponge/wringing out hope and optimism/leaving nothing but dark emotion
(dedicated to salvador dalí, master of long titles, and the cure, creators of the one-word-long song called 'three')" by JTK.CA



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