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(Inspired by "Caritas," a giant butterfly sculpture by
Valparaiso University Professor Fred Frey)

In concrete shoes
Trapped from flight
But full of might

Stiff as a board
At attention
Drawing all our
Eyes toward its tension

Caged as a bird
Held by gravity's force
Longing for
A great divorce


Tad's Note:

Fred Frey, the sculptor of the giant butterfly, was one of my professors in my ART major at Valparaiso University (, in Valparaiso, Indiana.

"Commissioned by the Bicentennial Committee of Porter County, [Indiana, in 1976], Professor Fred Frey designed a 26-foot high butterfly-shaped steel structure and fountain for the courthouse square. In 1995 the sculpture, titled 'Caritas,' was moved to a new home on the [Valparaiso University] campus."*

I graduated from VU in 1995, the same year the butterfly flew from the courthouse to the university campus, near the Student Union. It was a wonderful addition to the campus landscape.


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