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(Inspired by a piano performance by Ian Hominick)

Abrupt segue into night
Sudden death of the light
The stars are now our single consolation
We only see by the dim light of constellations
But soon again we'll see what we remember in our minds
After night's brief stellar coup unwinds
When daylight once again lights up the sky
But knows once more the night shall bring its lies

And so the battle rages on
Between the sun and night's vast starry throng
Until the day that has no end shall come
In the eternal reign of God the Son


Tad's Note: Ian Hominick is a friend from my childhood and a phenomenal pianist. We knew him during Dad's nine years (1973-1982) pastoring a church in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the early 1990's, Ian visited my parents and I in Valparaiso, Indiana, where we were living. He gave a fantastic piano performance at Valparaiso University (, from which I would graduate a few years later. I don't remember the particular composition or composer, but one of Ian's piano performances at his concert inspired this poem.

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