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Sometimes I wish I could record my dreams.
They often rival Hollywood's special effects.

I just woke up from a dream of Sky Soccer.
I was floating a thousand feet above the ground
Playing soccer with my fellow levitating athletes,
But I could never quite kick the ball
Because I was floating higher than the other players.

This atmospheric game was a diversion
As I was on the run from a fiendish adversary.

A monkey who used to be my friend
Had fallen away to the dark side,
And set his sites on me
As his number one enemy.

Yes, I was on the run from a killer monkey,
Who, as the dream went on, became a killer squirrel.

Just as the killer squirrel was closing in on me,
I wished I wasn't a mile down the road from
The luxury condo I found along the way.
I just saw the squirrel attack a giant tortoise
In a puddle near the gas station;
So I knew I had to run again.

So much for that new job at the factory
Where I didn't have a clue what they made!

The squirrel's eyes saw me,
Glowed red,
And moved in for the kill!

Fortunately, I woke up, just in time,
And found myself in the wrong bed in the wrong house,
And it dawned on me,
"I've just woken into
Another dream."

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